10 Tips for Writing SEO Friendly Blog Posts.

10 Tips SEO Friendly Blog Post

Writing a blog is art. If you want to be a good blog writer then you have to be creative, you have to improve your positive potential so that you can analyze your blog traffic journey and write a better SEO friendly blog. If you are lacking this kind of skill, then these 10 tips will help in writing an SEO friendly blog.

1. Make the Message Plan:

You need to think very carefully what message you want to give to your readers by your content, what are the strong points that you want your readers to remember?

Google always gives priority to high-quality content, if your content is strong then people will also read and share, which will increase engagement on the blog. And along with this, you will also have to give a call to action in your post so that people click on your blog, subscribe to the newsletter.

2. Break Up The Text:

Write content in paragraphs, do not post all the words in the same paragraphs, use header paragraphs and try to write sub-header, bullet points in this style, it will also like the layout of the content and readers will also be interested in reading the blog.

3. Link to Other Content:

Whenever you write content on a topic, then link it with some highly authorized website, this will increase the popularity of your content, but first, you have to write high quality and relevant content before linking to another website.

And secondly, your content should be helpful which will solve the queries of the readers and help them, your content will be shareable and you will get organic traffic.

4. Post Frequently:

It is very old technique to increase the rank of google, post daily, google gives z priority to active site, if compare with inactive website, then it will give you more opportunity that your readers will comment z to z on your post, and The more Z comments, the more the privileges will be in ranking Google.

5. Optimize Your Images:

Before uploading any image, optimize it means that its size should not be too big, nor too small, if the image is heavy then the page download speed will be reduced.

6. Make Your Posts Shareable:

As much as it is important to write SEO friendly blog, it is also important that your blog should be read by the people from Z and the comment should be shared, you have to put a social media share button on your blog.

7. Use Keywords Wisely:

To write a Seo friendly blog, you have to choose the keyword very carefully and you cannot avoid this point. Search for relevant keyword and use that keyword in your meta title, in H1 tag, in Url, in meta description, and in content.

8. Optimize the Length of your Blog Post.

You have to understand the algorithm of google, from my experience so far, I am telling you that if your blog content is 1000-1200 words, then it ranks quickly on google, so always write long content.

9. Keep your content up-to-date:

A lot of people ask for a different – different forum site or Quora “How to write SEO friendly content”, then visit the forum site and see what kind of content people are searching, write a blog on it, people will be helped by it and they will share the content. And traffic will increase on your blog.

10. Use Headings Correctly:

Write the heading of your blog correctly. Your heading should be about your content, not that your content is about “what is SEO” and your heading is something else that is not relevant at all. It is very important.


To write a SEO friendly blog, you have to think from every angle, if you follow the tips given in this blog, then your content will impress your readers, you will get organic traffic from all over your blog.


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