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How To Get Your First Client On Fiverr As A Beginner?

How to get your first client on fiverr

Are you new on Fiverr and still looking for first order? Getting clients on Fiverr may appear difficult, but with a little effort and technique, you can get your first client, In this blog you will learn how you can get your first client on Fiverr following these points

Make Best Profile on Fiverr

Make your profile appealing because it is the first thing that clients see, so clearly explain who you are, what your skills are, and how you can help your client, and use a professional profile image that represents your knowledge and experience.

Optimize Your Fiverr Gig:  

Optimize your gig properly make sure you have optimized your gig title, description, and tags that are accurate to the services you are offering, and use tags that your clients likely search on Google or other search engines for finding services.

Focus On Niche:

Don’t offer all services in which you don’t have the expertise, offer services in which you love to work and you have the expertise, find a niche which is that is in demand in your industry it will help you to stand out.

Set Low Price:

As a beginner you have to set your service price low, it will help to attract your clients and build your profile once you get some clients and your profile built you can keep your pricing accordingly.

Make High-Quality Gig Description:

Write high quality clear and detailed information about your offer, benefits, and services, how you process, and how you deliver your projects on time.

Use Relevant & High Search Volume Keywords:

Optimize your gig title and description with high search keywords related to your offering services, it will help your gig to appear on search if someone searches those services.

Use High-Quality Images On Gig:

Don’t use dull and unprofessional images on your gig, design and make eye-catching high-quality images in your gig, your gig image should showcase your skill, experience, and services.

Improve Your Communication Skills:  

Perfectly respond to your client’s inquiries, talk like a consultant don’t push to sell something, show professionalism in your communication, give answers to all the questions asked by clients build trust, and close the deals.

Promote Your Gigs On Social Media:

When you are a beginner and nobody knows about you, share your five gigs on social media channels like LinkedIn Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other relevant online communities to increase your gig’s visibility.


Don’t forget, Getting clients on Fiverr and making a career as a freelancer take time and patience, constantly improving your skill and understanding current industry demands, and staying positive and dedication to promoting your skill and effort can increase the chance to find your 1st client on fiverr and growth your freelance career on fiverr.

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