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My 7 Biggest Mistakes In Google Ads

google ads

When I started my career in Digital Marketing I made many mistakes,  as you know in digital marketing, Google ads are the very important part.

So that time I was working on a project where my role was a lead generation executive with Google ads, and my manager assigned me budget and deadline.

I was so excited and just started running google ads I made campaign, I just put keywords and all then I said all set. But…But… I failed.. 

My all google Adwords budget spend so quickly and get Zero leads.. that time I was disappointed and I was trying to figure out what mistake I have done and I found 7 Big mistakes I have made and what mistakes I am going to share with through this blog.

Why most of people failed to genrate more leads and sales through google ads?

Mistake No 1- Wrong Objective Selection

If you are going run ads on Google AdWords any kind of ad like display, remarketing ads, or search ads choose the objective as per your goal because Google AdWords delivers ads to users as per your objective for Example: If your goal is lead generation then choose objective in AdWords “Lead Generation” so your ads will deliver to the relevant audience and your campaign will run successfully and you will well result.

Mistake No 2- Keyword Match

Keywords are fuel for your Google ads, Adwords show ads to audiences according to query, so choose keywords to match wisely,  let me be clear about keyword match.

Broad Match Keywords
In the broad match, Adwords shows searches that relate to your keywordsExample: keywords

Phrase Match Keywords
In a phrase, match ads show searches including the meaning of your keywordsExample: “keywords”Exact Match Keywords
In the exact match, Adwords shows searches that have the same meaning in keywords. [keywords]

So wrong match type keywords lead to showing ads to the wrong audience, broad match type keywords get lots of clicks with lots of negative keywords, and phrase match keywords would be best for good conversion and relevant clicks.

Mistake No 3 – Not Optimize Landing Page

When the audience clicks on your ads google ads land on the landing page where they get information about your offering services in your ads, so make sure you are optimized correctly on your landing page, put all their offer and services correctly on the landing page, and there should be CTA to attract an audience to fill the form or contact to business, put your targeted and relevant keywords on the landing page, do not try to mislead google put exactly on your landing what that you are saying on your ads.

Mistake No 4 -Choose Wrong Audience

wrong audience

In this section basically, we should choose the audience who can buy our product or services, if you choose the wrong audience then your ads show to an irrelevant audience if ads will not be related to the audience they will not click on your ads if they click they will not show interest your ads that’s why always choose a right audience to get run your ads successfully.

Mistake No 5 – Not Used A/B Test

Google AdWords algorithm is also run on machine learning when you run a campaign on Google AdWords your ads go through a learning phase for 7 days Adwords collect the data like what people are searching and how your ads and keywords are performing, so when you run ads to make sure make at least 2-3 ads and with different landing page and keep watching which ads copy and which landing page performing well so you will get some ideas about and next time you can focus accordingly.

Mistake No 6- Budget Selection

google ads budget

Budget, Money Everyone like ads performance directly relates to your budget so when you are going to choose the budget for your ads choose at least a handsome amount of budget for your campaign low budget always leads to low-performance campaigns and conversation, because keywords are in AdWords CPC base, for example, your 1 keyword CPC is 30 rs and you are putting 30 keywords in the campaign then you to choose a budget accordingly.

Mistake No 7 – Not Improving Ad Quality

ad quality

Last but not least improving ad quality is very important good quality ads can help you rank on Google search at the top with low CPC, now in you are thinking about how we can improve ad quality, let me clear it is very simple- use more relevant keywords in your ad copy, Attract more audience to click on your ads to enhance CTA using the offer, request quote, optimize landing page as well.


If you learn about these 7 biggest mistakes in Google ads you can generate more leads and successfully run your ads so don’t make mistakes in the above 7 points- Objective Selection, Keywords match selection, landing page optimization, audience selection, on budget selection etc

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