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Need To Fix Some Issues Before Site Is Ready For AdSense

adsense approval


When first time I applied my blog for AdSense approval after 15 days got an email from Adsense with the subject “You need to fix some issues before your site is ready for AdSense” and there was not mentioned any clue about the issue.

When I saw my email I can’t explain how I felt like I was broken, I know that is not the end of things but I was very happy that my AdSense will approve and I will earn money, I will follow my passion and blah blah.. however, things not gone that I wished.

If you are reading this blog maybe you are also suffering from this situation, So I decided to figure it out and promise myself, that I will fix the issue and I will get my Adsense approval on the next chance.

So the main problem was in fixing the issue there was in the mail an adsense not mentioned an issue, I was totally confused about what issue should i fix in the blog because there is no problem in my blog..but. I was wrong… there was a problem that I found and fix and you can see My blog adsense approved !

adsense approved

Here I am going to share 6 Points that you have to fix before applying for adsense approval, Point 3 is very important, and I am 100% sure your AdSense will be approved in just 15 days!

Point: 1 Remove the Download Button & Outbound Link

If your blog is related to any niche remove all outbound links and remove any link which your site redirects to another website, remove any content about download software, download tools, etc.

Point 2: Blog Design & Navigation

Most of the blog’s adsense reject due to this problem, the blog has a clear, eye-catching design with a well-planned layout. The navigation menu is simple to use and enables visitors to quickly explore through various categories or themes. A comfortable reading experience is ensured by the intelligible font type and size.

It also features distinct category sections or tags that make it simple for visitors to find related content and explore various areas of interest.

Point 3: Post 20-25 Unique Blogs

This is a very important part of Adsense approval before applying must post 20 to 25 fresh and unique articles on your blog with approx 1000 words for each article.

Point 4: Remove All Broken & 404 Pages

404 pages

Scan your whole blog if found any 404 pages or dead pages first remove them from the blog before sending them to Adsense approval, To give your viewers a seamless and satisfying experience, need to remove all broken and 404 pages from your blogs. When a blog post cannot be accessed or found for a variety of reasons, such as removed content, altered URLs, or broken links, it will display a broken or 404 page.

Point 5: Link Your Blog in Search Console and Google Analytics

google search console

By integrating these two powerful tools, you can track blog metrics, observe user behavior, and make data-driven decisions to optimize the operation of your blog. Once your blog is linked with the search console and analytics, your site will be highly rated by Google, which is a plus point from Google.

Point 6: Create a Privacy Policy Page: 

Must create a privacy policy page on the blog that explains how you handle user data and make sure you comply with all applicable laws and regulations. This increases audience trust and complies with AdSense rules.

After completing all the above points on your blog must wait for 24-48 hours then again apply your blog for AdSense approval, I am 100% sure if you fix and follow all the above points and compliance your blog will get fast approval.

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