What is SEO & How its work?

what is seo

If you want to know what SEO is and how SEO works, then I have explained it very easy in this blog.

In this blog post, I have covered SEO basics and have provided this free guide on how SEO works, which you will learn to do SEO yourself on your website.

So let’s first understand what is SEO?

What is SEO?

We also call SEO as Search Engine Optimization, in this we optimize our website for google or for all search engines, which improves the ranking of the website and organic traffic comes to the website from search engine for example if you google If you search for “what is SEO”, then some pages appear at the top of Google’s search result, they appear only because of SEO, so now you must have understood what SEO is and why to do it.

What is the type of SEO?

The answer is Seo is two types.

1- On-Page SEO– we optimize all the pages of the website to rank in google, update in HTML tag of the website – as Keyword updated, H1 Tag updated, whatever we change or update website To make it better, it is called on-page SEO if understood in simple language.

2- Off-page SEO, we do link building. For that website, link building means to make a link to your website on some high PR website, the website on which high-quality backlinks are made, that website in google ranking Helps

How does SEO work?

If you search in Google or any search engine, “how to learn seo” google shows you some results at the top i.e. some article shows you.

Related to your search query Ever wondered why Google shows these websites, google keeps a snippet of the content of all the websites available on the internet in its database, as soon as a user searches a to z anything in google. So, the website which has high-quality content and high-quality backlinks are made at the top of its website search, Google’s software which crawls and indexes your website is called “Spider or” Crawler “.

What are some important SEO Factors?

1-Domain Authority.

Domain authority (DA) is a number from 1 to 100 that is provided by Seo Moz, the older the domain and the better backlink the domain authority website will have.


The secret of the Success of Seo is the keyword, to rank the keyword, you have to be expert in the art of keyword research, you will have to learn which keyword and which type of keyword rank easily in Google, so we always have relevant and It should choose the full keyword.

3-Relevancy and Context.

Google works very smartly, will catch you very easily, so always post only the original content, do not post the content of any other website, and the content which is related to your topic.

4-Number of Inbound links.

Make high-quality backlinks on some good and popular websites for your website so that it helps a lot to your website to increase your website ranking on Google.

5-Site Speed.

Whose speed of a website is very good, Google helps it in the ranking, so to increase the speed of the website, caching plugin should be done by it.

6-Clean and responsive design.

Nowadays, the website which is neet and clean is called the best-optimized website, so design your website neet and clean and make it mobile-friendly.

7-URL structure.

Make your URL address is static and readable to your customer and search engine a readable URL helps to understand google in a very easy way and it helps to crawl and index fast.

Here are two examples:


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