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Why Are Google Ads Disapproved? How to Fix Guide 2023 ?

google ads disapproved

If your google ads are getting disapproved again and again so no need to worry ! here in this article you will come to know about several reasons why google ads are disapproved and how we can fix them.

Google AdWords is the best advertisement platform where the advertiser can promote their business online, there are multiple objectives in google Adwords where advertisers can run ads according to their nature of business, some popular objectives are PPC, Display ads, Search Ads, YouTube Ads etc.

Here are many reasons Google may disapprove of your ads, Which I am explaining might be the reasons.

1: Google Adwords Policy Violations

Google AdWords has a very strict policy not google not allowing people to break rules about ads policy, if you provide any wrong information or try to mislead google your ads will not approve and your account will be blocked or terminated so make sure you’re not doing anything wrong practice on google Adwords.

2: Trademark Infringement Violations

Google AdWords makes a law for trademark infringement for the local business owner and advertiser, So if you are running ads for a third party or your own business don’t use any third-party business trademark like- Brand Name, Logo, slogan, etc, if do your ads will never approve and you will get blocked by google Adwords.

3: Landing Page Policy Violations

Google ads require a proper landing page where your visitor will land if your landing page is not relevant, not user-friendly or broken link then your ads will be disapproved so make sure you are using a landing page relevant to your ads and campaign and it’s implemented properly.

4: Technical Issues

Sometimes google ads disapproved ads due to technical issue in your campaign like your google ads tracking code not being implemented properly, or your website or landing page being broken, you have installed an ad blocker plugin in your site, making sure your sites are all clean there is no such type technical error.

5: Billing Policy Issues

If your payment is declined by google Adwords, again and again, it may cause you to disapprove your ads so don’t use multiple payment sources in google Adwords, don’t use the blocked card for payment, don’t use same credit card or debit card for payment in two different google ads account.

6: Spelling or Grammar Policy Errors

Google ads before getting approved google ads have to pass many verification tests by the google Adwords bot, so if the text of your ad is miss-spelled or grammatically wrong it will not the pass check and it will fall in the disapproval box, simple and easy way always check your ad headline spelling and ad description spelling and grammar before publishing your ads

7: Text Capitalization Policy Issues

Capitalization matters in Google Ads if you make your ads text and content in capital words like this- FREE SHIPPING, FrEE ShiPPINg in this scenario also your ad will not approve so keep in mind always keep your ads text in a proper format.

8: Punctuation and Symbols Policy Violations

As per google ads policy you can not put (.), commas (,), question marks (?), exclamation marks (!), colons (:), semi-colons (;), apostrophes (‘) and speech marks (“,”) special symbol in your google ads if you do your ads will never approve so be careful and don’t use this kind of punctuation and special symbols in your ads.

9: Gimmicky Ads Copy Policy Violations

Don’t use gimmicky ad copy or headlines to attract an audience to click on your ads google bot understands everything, so always use genuine ad copy and ad headlines don’t try to mislead and wrong info in ads.

10: Destination Mismatch Policy Issues

Google’s ads policy is committed to providing a 100% safe and user-friendly environment for users, sometimes people do they put two different URLs in ads 1 URL is in the ads and the second URL is in the landing page so don’t do always put a single URL in your ads if you keep two different URL it will mismatch and an ad will disapprove so don’t try to URL cloaking.

11: Invalid Space in Ads Issues

In google ads copy creation and headline-making keep in mind there is no unusual space between words, sometimes when we write ad copy mistakenly we give extra space so please check once and make sure there is no extra or double space between text and not use any other businesses brands name or trademark.

12: Unsuitable Content Issues

Google ads don’t allow ads to display shocking content or promote hatred, intolerance, discrimination, or violence type of content so check your ads content and your landing page content if found the same delete or remove this kind of content from your ads and from your websites.

13: Moderately Restricted Categories Issues

Google ads don’t allow to promote of sexual and nudity kind of content so don’t promote this kind of content on google ads, if google found this kind of content on your site, landing page, or on your ads text your ads will disapprove due to “Moderately restricted categories”


Hope you understand why google ads disapprove and how you can avoid these provided reasons to disapprove your ads, check your ads, landing page, and keywords and remove all the content which is not adhered to google ads policy and again apply and resubmit for review.

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