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Why My Website Is Not Ranking On Google Search?

Ranking a website is not making a cup of tea that you boil water and added sugar, tea, and milk and your tea is ready, ranking a website is a very tough task you have to learn the Google algorithm and you have to follow the Google guidelines for ranking your site on the google top search, So no need to worry here in this article I am going share some comen reason to not ranking your site just fix your problem and rank higher on google search rank

There could be various reasons why your website is not ranking effectively in Google searches.

Here is some common Reason that your site is not ranking.

Low-Quality Content On Website:

quality content

Content is king google rank that site that has updated fresh and quality content. Good quality content refers to the depth of knowledge and information about your pages, formatting of your content, readability of your content, and grammatical correctness these are points that show your content quality, so always update long-form content to explain the depth of information of your product and services on your page, make sure not stuffing too many keywords on webs page, don’t copy and paste content from another website.

Website Bad Navigation:

website navigation

Bad navigation can ruin your user’s experience, if website navigation is not user friendly all your site content is useless for users, the google search engine is concerned a lot about user experience, and bad website navigation let to a higher bounce rate on your site, its so negative message to google which is not good for your website. so make a good website structure and navigation if you want to rank higher on Google search.

Website’s Technical Issues:

website error

Find and fix all your broken links, improve your website page speed, and put all your HTML tags correctly on your site, Html meta tags impact website ranking on Google search so always put this in the right way.

Low-Quality Backlinks or Zero Backlinks:

In SEO quality backlinks help to rank a website on Google search, Google counts backlinks as a vote it helps to improve your website’s credibility, So as many backlinks on your site, your website will rank higher on Google, avoid backlink making on poor and low-quality site before make backlink check the site PA, DA and do follow sites.

Keyword Stuffing Practice:

Keyword stuffing in web site’s content is bad practice, If you put too many keywords on your site then your website can be penalized by Google, what is keyword stuffing- putting the same keywords again and again on the same page is called keyword stuffing, for example, if your writing 500 words content use only 2-3 keywords 1 should your primary keywords and rest of 2 should your secondary keywords.

The site is Not Mobile Friendly:

As Earlier in 2022 google rolled out an update that if any website is not mobile friendly there website ranking and local search will be affected, so design your website is mobile friendly all website pages should open correctly on mobile devices, using AMP you can make it mobile friendly.

Local SEO:

Local SEO is a very important factor to get your site in search near your local area, local searches are increasing day by day, so optimizing your website and content for local search, proper listing on Google, and using local search terms on the site can improve your local search.

To improve your website’s ranking on Google search you have to fix the website error, focus on making a good number of quality backlinks, design your site mobile friendly, do local SEO for your site, don’t stuff too many keywords, etc, I hope your site will rank faster if you want you can higher SEO expert also for a technical assistant.

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