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11 Best Google Advertising Tips For Everyone

google advertising tips

Every penny is important for advertisers if you are running Google ads and your campaign not giving proper results then you are wasting your hard earn money, lots people called their self as Google AdWords experts but don’t know how to advertise successfully on Google AdWords, and this is enough to get fail if you also from them you must read this article, here is I am going to share 11 best google advertising tips that will make your ads skyrocket

11 Points should be clear before making the campaign.

Clear Your Advertising Goals:

Before start making the campaign think about what is your goal and what you want to achieve you want website traffic, you want sales, you want leads or you want brand awareness if this point you clear, you can easily choose your campaign objective accordingly so whatever your goal is to think about and start making a campaign with your required goals.

Choose Your Campaign Type:

After clearing your goal selection concept you have to choose your campaign type because on AdWords you will get multiple campaign type like through display ads you can run video ads on YouTube ads and show banner ads on your website, through search ads you can run search ads also called PPC so you need to decide which one will work better for your advertisement goal.

Choose Your Audience Carefully:

google ads

The audience is very important for any campaign to make the campaign successful, a wrong audience can burn you lots of money, so always choose an audience relevant to your business, example: If you are selling combs and targeting bald people then there is no relevancy so always keep your eyes open when choosing your audience.

Allocate Your Budget with Best Performing Ads:

google adwords

If you are managing multiple campaigns for the same organization then its time to optimize your budget now, see which ads are performing best from which ads you are getting good results then increase the budget for best-performing ads and reduce the budget of low performing ads this tips going to help you save a lot.

Use Relevant Targeting Locations:

When you create a campaign then google AdWords ask about location like where you want to show your ads, so always choose only the location where your services are available.

Set Frequency Capping:

Frequency capping is important because it helps to save money, basically frequency capping feature is in Display ads only, it stops Google to show ads to the same user again and again, so if you want your show the same person multiple times utilize this feature.

Install Conversions Tags:

Don’t forget to install the Google AdWords tracking code on the landing page or website pages, it helps to AdWords bot for a better understanding of your business and track your conversion, later you can run remarketing ads as well.

Must Add Ad Extension:

Through ad extension, you can share additional information on your ads like Free Deliver, Free Quote, Faq, etc it’s a free feature but very helpful.

Ad Copy Creation :

Ad copy is one of the very important parts of people who click on ads when they get valuable and relevant information, add a clear call to action people will click and go to your landing page, so always try to make copy eye-catching and appealing neither person will not click on your ads and your ad will not perform better.

Keep Watching Your Negative Keywords:

A negative keyword is one of the worst things which burn money rapidly so always check your campaign overview and add all your unwanted searched keywords in the negative keywords section.

Test Test Test:

Don’t depends on only ad format always try different ads format video ads, search ads display ads so you will get better insight into your users and you will know which platform works better for you.

By following these tips, you can create effective Google Ads campaigns that drive traffic, conversions, and revenue for your business. Follow these strategies to drive profitable results and grow your business through Google Ads.”


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