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Make Money Online: 12 Ways to Earn Online

earn money online

If you want to make money online you have to think the ways of earning, This is 2023 and this era is very helpful for people who want to earn online by wearing shorts and sleeping on the couch, most people are making huge money while they sleeping, however, it is possible because they found the way to work, Online earning has a very simple rule you can do this as part-time or as a full time.

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In this blog, we explore some different ways to earn money online. To learn how to make money online, read this blog from start to end.

Find Freelance Projects

freelance work

Freelance work is now in trend, you pick freelance work from various platforms complete the and deliver the projects to a client on per contact basis and the client pays for the work, You can use Upwork, fiver, and LinkedIn to get freelance work before start this make a strong LinkedIn profile and your brands so that people come to know about your expertise.

Start a YouTube Channel

youtube channel

A YouTube channel is one of my favorite recourse to make money online my first online earning started with a YouTube channel of 160$ approx., this is a very popular way, once you make a channel and start uploading videos on your niche, YouTube AdSense is a platform where YouTube pay monthly basis on your channel, you have to just complete on your channel 1000 Subscribers and 4000 hour watch time and your earning start, so decide a niche start creating content for your channel and your earning start.

Start a Drop Shipping Business

Drop shipping business is very simple you have to just find a supplier for product delivery they will do everything from order taking to product packaging and product delivery, You don’t need to manage inventory at your place just grab the order from a customer and provide to your supplier they will deliver your product to your customer after deducting their margins.

Drop shipping Business Cycle:

1. You sold a product and got the money from the buyer.

2. You contact your supplier and ask him to ship the product to your buyer directly.

3. You pay your supplier

4. The supplier sends the product directly to your buyer.

Some best drop shipping companies are in India like:


    1. Shopify

    1. BAAP Store   

    1. Wholesale Box   

    1.   Hothaat:

    1. Seasonsway:

    1. Bagsvags:

Take Online Surveys

It was very hard to believe when I heard that people can earn with the online survey, but when I make some research on the internet and YouTube found many websites where simply with fill some details on the site can earn money, most survey companies run many programs and campaign behalf of gov and private organization where they ask for the survey from people some of the company pay 4-5$ for per survey you can earn with this method also, companies like : 


    1. Survey time

    1. LifePoints Panel

    1. Valued Opinions

    1. OpinionWorld

    1. YouGov

Create a Blog

A blog is one of the easiest ways to make money online there are multiple ways to earn from a single blog you can earn from AdSense like a YouTube channel need to make a blog on your favorite niche, and after AdSense approval, you can get money direct in your account, so start making blog and post content on your blog send for approval and start earning, you can promote your affiliate links on blog also so you can with this method also.

Write and Publish an eBook

eBook selling is one of the best ways to make money there is zero investment just create an eBook and start selling it on Instamojo free of cost, so tie your seat belt and find your interest start making eBooks and provide solutions to the people through your eBook and sell it the world is big.

Develop an App

if you can develop an app then it would be great for your extra earning, nowadays games and learning kind of game has millions of visitors on the app make an app, drive traffic and earn, and you can develop an app for the company as well.

Become a Virtual Tutor

the tutor is always in high demand in this busy world parents have no time to give time to their children, so if you are good at any subject like Math, English, or Physics you can provide online tuition and earn through handsome amount in monthly fees, You can also teach your skill to people online like dance classes, Yoga, Physical activity, etc.

Become an Influencer

Influencers earn a lot of money for posting a single post on their social media channels, so if you want to earn money through influence build your brand on social media channels like Instagram Reels, Facebook business page, and YouTube influencers after a good number of follower on your Instagram you can earn 5k to 50k for per post on your account.

Build Websites

Build a website for your product and services and start selling, suppose you are good at digital marketing then start a service provider website and drive relevant traffic to your site and offer your services and earn from this method

Sell your Art and Photography

If you are good at photography then you can sell your photographs on Shutterstock, Alamy, Etsy, etc, you can provide your photography solutions for a company also, lots of ecommerce company who do photography for their ecommerce products.

Sell your old Appliances

Buy old appliances from people or scrappers and make them repair and sell them olx most people are doing this by buying old products at a very low price and after repair, they sell them at a good price you can also do this.

There are multiple ways to make money online. The Internet world is open for everyone if anyone looking to earn extra money or start a part-time business. From freelancing to starting a blog or freelance work, there is no shortage of ways to monetize your skills, interests, and passions.

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