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How Much Does YouTube Ads Cost in India?

youtube ads cost in india

YouTube ads cost in India

Are you looking for YouTube advertising for your business or your channel but don’t know what YouTube ads cost in India, No need to worry, in this article you will get information in detail about YouTube advertisement cost & budget.

YouTube ads cost

How much does YouTube ads cost in India?

You can run Youtube ads in multiple formats and YouTube ads cost depends on your objective and goals and your campaign optimization, your bidding strategy, cost of YouTube ads is based on views and based on impressions, generally YouTube costs for 1 view 0.05 paisa to 60 paisa discovery and skippable ads.

if you go for the CPM bidding method it would cost around 50 Rs for 1000 impressions, so you can calculate it like this: if you are spending 1000 Rs on YouTube ads for views and your CPV cost is 0.10 paisa then you will get 10000 views.

How much do YouTube ads cost per month?

YouTube ads monthly cost depends on your daily budget minimum you can spend 100 Rs daily on YouTube ads so according to Google ads calculation 100*30=3000 thousand monthly budget, so YouTube ads monthly cost depends on your total advertising budget.

How much does it cost to advertise on YouTube in India?

There is nothing fixed advertising cost on YouTube, you can start advertising on YouTube with a minimum budget of 500 because this is a minimum amount that you have to top up in Google AdWords, once you add 500 to your google ads account you can start with 100 INR daily budget however you keep your daily budget high your campaign will perform better.

YouTube ads cost per 1,000 impressions

YouTube ads cost per thousand depending on your business niche if you are promoting your music video it will cost you 1000 impressions in 10-15 INR around however you are promoting any software services or any business services it will cost you around 50-60 INR for 1000 impression it depends on your business of nature.

How do influence your YouTube advertising costs?

The price of YouTube advertising can vary depending on several factors, including:

1: Target audience

YouTube advertising costs can vary depending on the demographics and interests of your targeted audience for example if you target a very high-competition audience such as a CEO, owner, or founder you may need to pay more to reach your targeted audience.

2: Ad format

YouTube ads cost also depend on the type of ad format which you choose such as skip ads, discovery ads, bumper ads, instream ads, and display ads some ad formats can cost you high.

3: Ad placement

YouTube ads cost depends on the placement of your ad also it matter where are your ads shown some YouTube network partner and channel placement cost high it can be expensive. for example, if you running video ads and you bidding CPV based and your placement is a very popular channel in India may it can cost your cpv expensive.

4: Bidding strategy

The cost of YouTube advertising can also be influenced by your bidding strategy. For example, if you choose to bid on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, you may need to pay more for each click on your ad than if you choose to bid on a cost-per-impression (CPM) basis.

The cost of YouTube ads also depends on bidding strategy there are multiple bidding methods for YouTube advertisements like CPM, CPV, and CPC basis, so if you choose CPM then you pay the cost of 1000 impressions, if you choose CPV you pay per view, if you choose CPC then you pay for per click.

How to set up YouTube ads for better results at a low cost

YouTube ads are a very powerful way to reach your targeted audience to promote your YouTube channel and businesses, here are some tips for setting up YouTube ads for better results at in low cost.

1: Choose Wisely who is running your campaign

YouTube advertising is not too easy its take time and effort for better result, so before starting the campaign make sure you have the right person who has good experience with YouTube advertising, if you are doing your own then you have to learn it proper better your budget can be wasted.

2: Set your target audience

Your targeting audience is very crucial, you have to target the right audience for your YouTube ads and try to reach always to the right audience, a wrong audience selection can burn your money with low results.

3: Make quality video ads

If you have done all the above points correctly but your video ads content sucks then your audience will not engage with your ads so always make high-quality video ads.

3. Keep your ads short

As per YouTube insights and reports people love to watch short video ads, if you use long video ads you will fail to encourage people to watch your full video ads.

4. Create relevant landing pages

If you want better results then your landing page should be optimized for your audience, a landing page can be your YouTube channel home page or it can be your services page, must put all the needful information on your landing page it will encourage people to take action on your ads.

5: Monitor your campaigns

Running your ads are only not effective you have to regularly monitor your campaign, and monitor the campaign insights which is working better and which is not working it will help you to get better result further.

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